Man Arrested After Assaulting Officer Outside Mall

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A man was arrested after he assaulted a police officer outside a Sacramento shopping mall.

This past Thursday, a uniformed Sacramento police officer was working a supplemental employment shift at the Arden Fair shopping mall on Arden Way.

Supplemental employment, otherwise called off-duty employment, is when an off-duty police officer or Sheriff’s deputy provides security for a business or event. The business or event pays for however many police officers or Sheriff’s deputies are needed. The police officers or Sheriff’s deputies who sign up for the off-duty, overtime shift will still drive a fully-marked, department-owned vehicle and wear the standard-issued uniform, including service weapon.

Around 9 p.m. Thursday, the officer working at Arden Fair contacted a male adult who was standing in a busy lane of traffic on mall property. The man told the officer he had a gun. The man then pulled some type of object out of his pocket and charged towards the officer. The officer was able to get the man to the ground.

While trying to detain the man, the man began to punch at the officer, striking the officer on the side of the head. The officer was able to hold the man on the ground until responding patrol officers could arrive and help take the man into custody.

Both the man and the officer received minor injuries during the struggle. The man was displaying signs of being under the influence of narcotics and was subsequently transported to a local area hospital as a precaution.

After being medically cleared, the man was transported to the jail where he was booked.

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