SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A bakery in South Sacramento was saved from a fire this evening by automatic extinguishers.

Around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, a security guard was patrolling a strip mall located at 1309 Florin Road near Freeport Boulevard. Upon making his rounds, the security guard noticed smoke showing inside the ABC Bakery suite. The security guard immediately called 9-1-1.

Sacramento firefighters responded to the business and reported smoke showing from the vents of the building. When entering the building, crews found heavy, cool, white smoke showing inside the business from floor to ceiling. After further investigation, crews found that an unattended pot was left cooking on the bakery’s stove. The stove had a required fire suppression system installed, known as an Ansul System, which was automatically activated by the smoke, which successfully extinguished the fire.

The business will need to remain closed until further notice while the fire suppression chemicals are properly cleaned up, the fire suppression system is recharged, and the business is inspected by the health department. This is standard protocol for any activation of a restaurant’s fire suppression system.

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