17-286554 (Hit & Run Accident): Marysville Blvd / Los Robles Blvd at 12:07am

Officers were on a call near the location when they heard the sounds of an accident. They observed a large SUV recklessly driving out of the area with a smaller black car chasing it. Officers attempted to follow the two vehicles and located the smaller car whose owner stopped and advised them the SUV had run into it. A CHP Air unit was quickly overhead and observed the vehicle near Christopher Court. A patrol officer arrived in the area and observed the driver out of his car. The suspect took off running and jumped over the sound wall and onto I-80 where he crossed to the north side. The AIR unit directed officers to where the suspect was located. After running a couple hundred yards, the suspect surrendered. The suspect was booked for 2 felony warrants.

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