SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Police announced Friday a new program for citizens to meetup in person with online sellers. 

The program, run by Sacramento Police Department, is called the “Online Exchange Zone”. The program was created to enhance safety during the exchange of internet-based purchases from websites, like Craigslist, smart phone applications or simply any other item advertised for sale from an individual.

Located in Sacramento Police Department’s station parking lot at 5303 Franklin Boulevard, the Online Exchange Zone provides a place for prospective buyers and sellers to meet and complete their transaction. This is meant to be a safer alternative to making these exchanges at a location not under surveillance. The location has marked parking spaces available for us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Police officers will not be present or available during the transactions, but the zone is well lit and under constant video surveillance. Police hope hosting the program at their station will deter those wanting to engage in theft or fraudulent activity.

Police continue to encourage buyers and sellers to bring along a family member or friend to the transaction. Police say that firearms transactions are prohibited from the program, as those must go through a licensed dealer. 

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