SACRAMENTO, CA – An hour long multi-agency vehicle pursuit ended peacefully early Friday morning in South Sacramento.

Sacramento Police received a report of a stolen work truck near I Street and 3rd Street in Downtown Sacramento around 1:00 AM. Officers located the vehicle, at which point a vehicle pursuit started.

The pursuit lasted over an hour, traveling only on surface streets through various parts of Downtown, Midtown, East Sacramento and South Sacramento, looping through portions multiple times. The final termination point of the pursuit was at the corner of Florin Road and Stockton Blvd.

CHP said the suspect, identified as Tina Ross, 54, had just been released from jail immediately prior to her stealing the work truck. The construction crew says the truck was turned on due to a wench on the truck that needed to be operated. Ross stole the vehicle while the workers were inside of a work manhole.

Multiple spike strips were laid out throughout the pursuit, successfully making the tires go flat, however due to the size of the truck, did not slow down the vehicle. The well-known PIT maneuver was attempted multiple times, but the officers’ patrol vehicle were no match to the work truck, a Ford F-450.

Sacramento Police initiated the pursuit, and with assistance from Sacramento Sheriff, the California Highway Patrol ended the pursuit.

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