SACRAMENTO, CA (Carmichael) – An investigation is underway in Carmichael after an explosion in a residential backyard led firefighters and deputies to a Honey Oil Lab operation.

Around 2:30 early Thursday morning, reports of an explosion or possible shots fired near the 3100 block of Walnut Avenue in Carmichael started ringing in to the Sheriff’s dispatch center. Firefighters from Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and deputies from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responded to the incident and found a shed in the backyard of a residence that was on fire.

Once the fire was extinguished by firefighters, there were indications of a honey oil operation within the shed. One adult involved in the honey oil operation was provided medical aid for injuries related to the fire.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit were called to the scene and are in the initial stages of the investigation regarding the relation between the explosion and the honey oil operation.

Two minor children have been taken into protective custody.

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