RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – Closed during the recession, a local fire district has reopened a Rancho Cordova fire station after more than four years.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District announced Thursday the reopening of Fire Station 68 in the Anatolia community of Rancho Cordova. The fire station had been closed for more than four years. The fire district says the decision to reopen the station was based upon increasing calls for service and longer response times for the area of coverage in the community.

As a result of the economic recession and collapse of the housing market, the fire district experienced an annual loss of $15-million in property tax revenue from 2008 to 2014. To confront the reality they were facing, the Board of Directors for the fire district embarked on a three-pronged strategy to reduce expenses, while striving to protect their core services. The strategy included reduced services, reduced compensation and layoffs, and increased operational efficiencies.

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