High-rise fall, Holiday Inn, Downtown Sacramento
Paramedics rush to victim who just fell from the eighth floor window of the Holiday Inn in Downtown Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA (Downtown) – For several hours Monday afternoon, a jumper had the south plaza area adjacent to the Holiday Inn, shut down to all pedestrian traffic.

A witness told PSN she was at work when she saw him break the hotel room window out as it came crashing down into the patio restaurant area below from about the eighth floor. She said “thankfully no one was sitting on the patio at the time… several people could have been killed”. The subject tossed other hotel furniture items out the window including a lamp, couch cushions and other items.

At one point a crowd had gathered, agitating many (according to police radio traffic) and the crowed was pushed back by police to L Street.

A couple hours later the man became very agitated, shouting and tossing more items out the window. The man had been straddling the balcony railing most of the time. Sergeant Freeman of the Sacramento Police Department believes the man actually lost balance and fell rather than jumped.

Freeman indicated that the man was in surprisingly good condition, appeared to be coherent and talking with paramedics calmly as they prepared him for transport to the hospital. He was transported to an area hospital and his actual condition is not yet known.

Access to the mall and the hotel was impeded throughout the duration of the incident. Folks parking in the parking garage had to walk back out to L Street, down the block and back into the mall areas to access the theater and Macy’s.

We will post updates in the comments area as additional information becomes available.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, “officers responded to the location regarding a report of a suspicious subject who displayed irrational behavior. The man had broken a window on the eighth floor of the hotel and had thrown room furniture outside onto a first floor walkway. Officers, along with Sacramento Fire medical personnel, arrived on scene, observed the subject’s irrational behavior, and HNT was called to the scene to establish communication with him. The man had positioned himself outside of the building on a railing and ultimately fell to a first floor walkway after an extended period of time. The subject, a man in his late 30s, was rushed to an area hospital and sustained serious injuries. He is expected to survive. A report was generated and an arrest warrant for vandalism will be requested.”

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