FAIR OAKS, CA – Late Thursday morning, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District crews were called out to a residence in Fair Oaks for a badly injured fawn. It appeared that the fawn tried to jump a fence with his mother, but didn’t quite make it over. The fawn ended up on the ground, with his broken leg stuck in the fence above him.

Firefighters arrived on scene and quickly determined that the fawn needed medical help and started making calls to figure out how to save him. After communicating with Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue, firefighters covered the fawn’s eyes, untangled him from the fence, splinted his broken leg, and gently carried him to the back of a vehicle. Firefighters stayed with the fawn until he could be transferred to the care of Fawn Rescue staff.

At the time of posting, the fire district says the fawn suffered a broken hip but is going to survive. The fawn will be given fluids, antibiotics and painkillers, resulting in an obvious sign of improvement.

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