Sacramento,  CA | “Hostage is up! Suspect is down!”, said the SWAT officer over the radio as a fast food restaurant hostage situation reached a dramatic end.

A Jack in the Box robbery gone bad turns into a hostage situation leaving two hostages and one gunman in the restaurant Saturday afternoon.

At one point one hostage was able to come out and helped police with missing details.

After three hours into the standoff, the suspect moved from the back of the store to the front with the hostage and gun in hand. He took her into the bathroom near the east door. When they came out and head toward the door, a sniper fired, breaking the glass door. Several more shots were fired. taking the suspect out and the SWAT team rushed in.

The hostage fled and an officer clad in SWAT body armor grabbed her and pulled her down to the ground, apparently for safety.

“We tried for several hours for this to end peacefully and it’s very unfortunate that it had to end this way,” said Public Information Officer Doug Morse. “The safety of those inside the restaurant as well as those surrounding the restaurant was just paramount.The officers were forced to take action to end this safely.”

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