Sacramento, CA | Suspects from a Florin home are being sought for the shooting death of a 38-year-old woman.

At approximately three o’clock Wednesday morning, a man and a woman were out on the sidewalk in front of a residence in the 7900 block of Loucreta Drive in the Florin neighborhood of South Sacramento when a male from the residence came out and told them that they needed to leave, according to Deputy Jason Ramos, spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff Department.

According to Ramos, a female also came out of the residence and produced a handgun, shooting the other female on the sidewalk in the upper body. The male with the gunshot victim ran for help. Later a vehicle was seen backing out of the driveway and fleeing the residence. It is unknown if the couple from the residence was in that vehicle Ramos stated.

The SWAT team arrived, secured the outer perimeter of the residence then after multiple attempts to get occupants to come out via PA announcements, a team breached the door and searched the house to find it unoccupied. A pitbull dog was removed from the premises by animal control.

The female shooting victim died a few hours after arriving at the hospital.

Deputy Ramos talks about the incident…

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