Sacramento, CA | Flames consumed a South Sacramento business Wednesday night. When firefighters arrived the industrial building was mostly engulfed in flames.

Sacramento Fire Department crews arrived on scene right around 11:30 Wednesday night on Otto Circle at an industrial laundry business, Dust-Tex Services Inc. Chris Ortiz, Battalion Chief with Sacramento Fire Department, stated that when he and Engine 56 arrived, that most of the building was on fire. They went into a “property” mode, Ortiz stated, and did what they refer to as “surround and drown”. Essentially, there was so much fire in the building, it was not safe for firefighters to enter, forcing the crews to operate defensively from the outside of the building with master streams from the top of the areal ladders and deck guns from the top of the fire engines.

Ortiz stated that it took about two hours to get the blaze under control. For a while, natural gas was free-flowing in the structure even though the gas meters had been shut off. Their main concern was getting the leaking gas under control before it found an ignition source, Ortiz stated.

There were no injuries on the incident and the cause remains under investigation.

Chris Ortiz, BC2, talks about the incident…

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