Elk Grove, Sacramento, CA | What could happen when you don’t follow the safety tips and instructions for  “Safe & Sane” fireworks could be devastating to you, your family and your neighbors as this Elk Grove neighborhood discovered.

July 5th, 2010 a family was awakened to a blaze, early in the morning, on the side of their beautiful Elk Grove home. The fire caught the common wood fence between the homes on fire and it quickly spread to both homes.

We are presently in process of followup on this incident. Our initial understanding is that this blaze was caused by expended “Safe & Sane” fireworks discarded in the trash can between the two homes. This is currently unverified.

As you use “Safe & Sane” fireworks this 4th of July season, please remember to follow the safety instructions. The instructions call for water to douse the expended devices in. The devices are only as safe as the user.

Cosumnes River Fire Department, Deputy Chief Tracey Hansen talks about the incident…

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