A peaceful and productive meeting was underway Wednesday until protesters took over.

A pivotal UC Regents meeting took place Wednesday morning and was held on the third floor of the Sacramento Convention Center. Security was quite high with a large multi-agency police presence including mounted units, bike units, motorcycle cops, plain clothed and more. Attendees checked in on the first level of the Convention Center via a single access. Once in they were directed to the third floor, passing several posted officers, and finally arriving at another control point where attendees were asked to empty their pockets and searched with handheld metal detectors.

The meeting was moving along well and even a well spoken presentation from a student representative during the public forum. Later, a single student verbally engaged a regent from the audience then lead the contingency of orange jumpsuit clad students on a march around the chairs singing the theme song from the movie “Cadence”. The Regents called a recess and allowed the protestors to continue walking around in circles.

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