Oak Park CA | Several subjects caught in the act at McClatchy Park, more drugs and a gun off the streets.

Uniformed officers detained several subjects at McClatchy Park Wednesday afternoon according to Sgt. Andrew Pettit, SacPD. As officers were patrolling the area, they witnessed an apparent drug deal in progress and one person dropping a gun.

According to Pettit, the gun and drugs were recovered and several subjects were taken into custody. Other details were not immediately available.

Oak Park Neighborhood Association (OPNA) President, Michael Boyd indicated that a bust like this is very timely as several significant upgrades are currently taking place at the park, formerly a bustling amusement park in its hay-day.

Boyd stated, ” We are grateful to the police that have been instrumental in working to make sure McClatchy Park continues to improve and serve as a community gathering place. Combined with the exciting announcement of the $2.8 Million grant, we are on our way to transform McClatchy Park into one of the crown jewels in the Sacramento park system.

“With the continuous efforts of a great community and the support from our City officials and police, our goal is to create a park filled with opportunities for neighbors to meet, hold events and just have fun.

“It has been a long struggle but it has been worth it. McClatchy Park is already home to a rare BMX area, a beautiful Farmer’s Market and will soon see a running track and many more improvements.”

The OPNA community meeting is Thursday night from 5:30 to 8PM at the Sacramento Food Bank, 3333 3rd Ave. (34th St. & 3rd Ave.)

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