Sacramento, CA | Police responded to a Midtown burglar alarm. They arrived to the sounds of breaking glass and equipment being tossed out a third floor window.

Per radio reports, Sacramento Police Department received an active burglar alarm call from an alarm company for a business in Midtown in the 1800 block of Capital Ave.

The alarm company reported hearing breaking glass and woman’s voice in the business. When officers arrived at McNally Temple Associates’ PR firm,  they could hear more glass breaking and saw  being tossed out a third floor window.

As officers approached from the front a K9 unit covered the back. After announcements were made that a K9 was going to be sent in, the female suspect surrendered and came out the front door.

According to Sacramento Police, Laura Meek, 29  was taken into custody without incident.

Ray McNally, President and Creative Director of the firm stated this was the fifth time the business has been burglarized over the years.

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