Sacramento, CA | Two juvenile burglars were nabbed in the South Sacramento area late Friday morning.

Sacramento Police Department respond to the area of Saint Marie Circle and Brookfield Drive late Friday morning for a report of homes being burglarized in the area.

According to on-scene officers, two homes had been broken into in the area. Shortly after units arrived in the area, the first suspect was taken into custody while another was hopping fences across back yards to get away from officers.

While reports came in to 911 from neighbors reporting someone in their backyard, the  K9 unit conducted targeted searches based on reports of last sightings of the young perp.

A short time later, the K9 located the suspect under a utility trailer in the driveway of a home at the corner of St Marie and Brookfield.

The suspect suffered a minor dog bite and was treated on scene by Sac City Fire.

The on scene sergeant stated that the K9 units are essential in locating suspects in these situations. The suspect was actually located just feet from the sergeants police unit. She stated “suspects can be hiding right next to us without even knowing it….” While the perp can elude the eyes of the officers, it’s a bit more difficult to hide from the nose of a trained K9.

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