Sacramento, CA | SWAT moves in when a parolee refuses to come out of the house near Rio Linda.

Another SWAT operation was underway Thursday, in the wake of two other SWAT operations already this week.

Tuesday morning, a full scale SWAT operation commenced at an apartment complex on Bicentennial Way when three persons of interest were taken into custody in relation to a murder that took place in the complex parking lot the night before.

Tuesday evening another full scale SWAT operation commenced on Stockton Blvd near Fleming when a wanted subject leveled a shotgun at deputies and deputies fired without hitting the subject and backed out. Later that evening, after the subject had fired several rounds from a shotgun at officers, he was taken into custody.

Thursday, another full scale SWAT operation was in full swing. Reports were that a wanted parolee was barricaded inside the home near Rio Linda. SWAT officers surrounded the home and shut down utilities to the home.

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