Sacramento, CA | A note wielding serial robber was apprehended Thursday in East Sacramento.

A subject attempted to rob several Sacramento businesses over the past two days wielding only a note.

Wednesday the suspect entered Vics Market on South Landpark with a note, essentially stating that someone had his family and was going to kill them if he didn’t come back with the money, per Andrew Pettit, Sacramento Police Department.

When the perp came away empty handed, he went to the Rite Aid market on Freeport Blvd. and came away with some cash. The suspect was well dressed driving a dark colored SUV.

With both locations having good surveillance cameras and plenty of witnesses to identify the subject, officers had a very good description of the perp and his vehicle to work from.

Thursday officers in marked and unmarked units saturated the area looking for the suspect and/or his vehicle. Early afternoon Thursday, the suspect hit the Rite Aide on F Street near downtown Sacramento and was unsuccessful.

Knowing the suspect was active again, officers went on high alert checking all Rite Aids and looking out for the suspects vehicle. Shortly thereafter an officer spotted the suspect’s SUV behind Pete’s Coffee at Folsom Blvd and Alhambra. Moments later SacPD received a hold-up alarm from the business.

Police were waiting for the suspect when he exited Pete’s Coffee and took him into custody without incident.

Per Pettit, they don’t believe there was ever any of the suspects family in danger.

Officer Andrew Pettit tells the story…

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