Arden-Arcade, Sacramento, CA | SSDK9 Association held a fundraiser/demo Sunday allowing the public to meet the K9’s and their handlers up close and personal.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s K9 Association held a fundraiser/demo Sunday at Pet Food Express on Fair Oaks Blvd. Along with meeting the K9’s, getting to rub a K9 belly and meet their handlers, goers had the opportunity to purchase the new 2012 SSDK9 calendar loaded with dynamic images of the dogs and their handlers by XSiGHT Photography and Video. 

Ike, one of twelve active K9’s in the unit, has seen his fare share of rough and tumble, part of the job as a K9. Deputy Pomerson, Ike’s partner and handler, related how Ike went over a fence after a bad guy and punctured a lung. With the punctured lung, Ike still latched on to the bad guy until deputies apprehended the perp. Ike’s chest swelled to almost twice his normal size. Ike was rushed to medical care and saved. After a two-week recovery, Pomerson related, Ike eagerly went back to work.

Pomerson shared tails of his partner Ike such as how he slides back and forth in the back seat responding to calls. “It seams the more he (Ike) is tossed around in the back, more he’s excited and ready to get the bad guy when we arrive at the scene”. But Pomerson related the toll the tossing around takes on the K9’s giving them an average of five to seven workable years. When the K9’s retire, “they get to destress and just enjoy the rest of their life as a pet and adapt well”, Pomerson stated.

We got to tag along while Pomerson gave Ike a bath at the pet store. Even though the water was nice and warm, Pomerson agreed Ike would much rather be getting wet in the river.

When Ike retires, Pomerson will purchase him from the county for one dollar plus tax, then Ike will enjoy his retirement as the family pet. With Ike’s retirement, Pomerson will get a new K9 partner. Pomerson stated that the hardest part for Ike at that time will be not going to work. On their off days they do absolutely no work related things at all, and when it’s time to go back to work, Ike gets all excited when Pomerson dons his uniform, “Even when I chirp the alarm on the car or move the car around, Ike gets all excited thinking it’s time to got to work” Pomerson said.

A large portion of the fundraising proceeds are dedicated to the retirement needs of the K9’s who served their community. The fundraising calendar is a wonderful way to get to know the beautiful and talented animals who protect and serve our community. If you are interested in donating and being involved with the SSDK9 association their site has all the information and details you need to get engaged. Be sure to check out SSDK9 Association fundraising golf tournaments and marathons you can participate in throughout the year.

Deputy Amos talks about the fundraiser and K9 retirements…

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