Florin, Sacramento, CA | A group of juveniles were apprehended in the area of alleged home burglary.

[UNCONFIRMED] Four juveniles (3 males, 1 female) were apprehended in the area of a residential burglary Friday morning. Neighbors were out all over the neighborhood elated over the apprehension.

One juvenile was brasin enough to scoffingly recite rap lyrics and dance around as a deputy searched him, with total disregard for the gravity of the situation.

Apparently the area has been terrorized with burglaries over recent months per neighbors.

Per unconfirmed radio communications, all four of the alleged perps were positively identified by at least three witness in field show-ups.

Jewelry was found in at least one of the juvenile’s pockets and loot was discovered in the trunk of the vehicle they fled from.

Additional details to follow as they come available.

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