SWAT prepares to go in and search for the suspect

Sacramento, CA | Sacramento Police can not confirm but say a homicide and pursuit may be related in a South Sacramento shooting.

A shooting occurred early Wednesday morning  on Samos Drive in South Sacramento.

Sacramento Police Officers  pursued a reckless vehicle leaving the area, said Sgt. Norm Leong, Sacramento Police Department. Leong stated that the suspect lead officers on a brief pursuit before pulling into a strip mall parking lot and foot bailing over a sound wall and into the community behind.

Officers were able to establish a perimeter quickly and they believed that they did have the suspect pinned down within that perimeter.

SWAT was called out, surrounding homes were evacuated and presently the SWAT team is making a tactical search of surrounding back yards adjacent to the yard where they believe the suspect may be hiding.

Sgt. Norm Leong tells the story. Recap and update by Sgt. Andrew Pettit

UPDATE: Per SacPD, The Sacramento Police Department has arrested 42-year-old Dywon Byrd for murder in the Samos Way shooting.

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