Sacramento, CA | Officers responded to numerous calls of a male subject beating on a female. Good Samaritan intervenes.

The Sacramento Police Department responded to a Domestic Violence call at R St and 24th St in the Midtown area around 10PM Monday evening.

Per SacPD, officers responded to numerous calls of a male subject beating on a female subject out on the street.

A Good Samaritan also saw the assault but was unable to locate his cell phone but armed himself with a gun and went outside. He yelled at the suspect to leave the female alone. The suspect threw the female to the ground and began advancing on the Good Samaritan. The citizen displayed his gun and told the suspect to back off.

According to a neighbor, he heard the yelling and someone shout “I don’t care about your dam pistola!”

SacPD further stated, the suspect continued towards the citizen when he discharged his firearm as a warning shot. The female victim ran behind the citizen and then fled on foot. The suspect also fled in the opposite direction. The citizen went back inside his residence. The suspect returned looking for the citizen who had fired the gun when officers arrived on the scene. The suspect, Michael Hans, 39, was taken into custody without incident.

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