Day plagued by shootings

SacPD logs a bullet riddled day

Bullets flying, amid the day-to-day variety of crime, kept Sacramento Police officers running from call to call Thursday. Police logged a significant amount of serious shootings in the Sacramento region Thursday and they are as follows:

Shooting, Broadway and San Jose, 1456,
Victim was a passenger in a vehicle when another vehicle pulled up alongside, firing several rounds into the vehicle. The wounded passenger was driven to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injures.

Homicide, 1300 block of Los Robles Blvd, 1805,
Officers responded to a call regarding a subject who was shot. Police located 3 gunshot victims. One subject suffered a fatal wound. The other two victims had non-life threatening injuries

Shooting, 700 block of Lampasas Ave, 1818,
As the victim was getting into his vehicle, a male Black adult approached him from behind, putting a gun to his back, demanding money. The victim fought with the suspect. The suspect shot the victim multiple times then fled the scene. The victim sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Shooting, 8200 block of Arroyo Vista Dr, 2116,
Police responded to a shooting where numerous people were attending a gathering in the backyard of a home. It was reported that a vehicle drove by, shooting multiple rounds towards the house. A total of 4 people were shot. All victims were listed in stable condition at this time.

Weapons Call, 1900 block of Rockbridge Rd, 0050,
Officers were called to the area regarding a gray or silver vehicle, occupied by a male Hispanic, shooting a gun. Officers contacted two subjects who advised the male Hispanic was shooing at them. There was no report of injury.

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