Sacramento, CA | K9 Officers corner and capture strong-arm robbery suspect.

Late Thursday morning a strong-arm robbery occurred at the recycling center on Fruitridge Road near Freeport Blvd.

Per Sacramento Police Department, two suspects stole the cash box, by force, at the location, containing a significant amount of cash. The suspects fled into the surrounding neighborhood. One suspect was detained quickly while the second suspect hunkered down in backyards in the community to the west of the recycling center. Officers stated that many residents were home in the area and called in sightings of the suspect.

The 911 revers system was utilized to warn residents and for them to call in if they had any information.

Two K9 units conducted backyard searches based on sightings and narrowed the location down to a home on Monterrey Way where the suspect had taken refuge in a back yard. As the dogs searched, they were giving “alerts” to their handlers of the suspects fear sent in the immediate area.

Police units converged on all sides of the house. After announcements had been made for the suspect to give up or the dog would be sent in, giving the perpetrator opportunity to give himself up, the K9 was sent in. The suspect was non-compliant but was eventually taken into custody. Paramedics responded to check the dog bites on the suspects ankle and he was cleared to take to jail.

The first suspect was taken into custody off South Landpark Drive, while the suspect apprehended by the K9 unit was taken into custody on Akorn Street near 34th Avenue.

Per Sacramento Police Department, the second suspect may not have been apprehended without the K9 units.

Hear Officer John Harshbarger recount the incident

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