Sacramento, CA | When a family comes home, their little girl runs ahead of the parents and disappears.

Thursday evening, when a family came home in the Fair Oaks area, their seven-year old daughter ran ahead of them toward their apartment. Just out of site, the parents assumed the daughter would be waiting for them at the door.

When the parents arrived at the apartment, their daughter was not there and nowhere to be found. Subsequently the parents called 911 and deputies arrived shortly thereafter as well as a helicopter to begin searching the area.

The young girl was found unconscious in some bushes. With a paramedic aboard the Placer County Falcon helicopter, they landed in the street and began rendering aid to the girl per Deputy Jason Ramos, spokesman for the Sacrament Sheriff’s Department.

The girl was transported to the hospital via ambulance. Shortly thereafter she was pronounced dead.

“This is not a homicide investigation, it’s a death investigation” stated Ramos, citing that no injuries of any sort were found on the girl but she did have a known heart condition that, per Ramos, may have been exacerbated by the evening’s events.

Hear from a neighbor and Deputy Ramos

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