Officer as color guard escorts the US Flag into the vigil

Sacramento, CA | Sunday night at the California Peace Officers’ Memorial, located at 10th Street and Capitol Mall across from the Capitol, a candlelight vigil was held to honor the memory of fallen Peace Officers, and to add 11 more names to the honor roll.

Peace Officers from around the State and as far as San Diego made the trip not to only pay tribute to those fallen Officers, but to help keep the memories fresh in citizens’ minds, so that these great sacrifices will not be forgotten.

There was an overflow crowd at the event, which not only included fellow Peace Officers and their families, the families of the fallen, but the general public that wanted to pay their respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for others.

After the ceremony, many could be seen walking around the memorial to find names of their loved ones, their former colleagues, or that officer that touched their lives.

One such person, who wished to remain anonymous, found the name of a fallen officer that meant everything to him and his family, as he shed a few tears. “He gave his life protecting me and my neighbors”

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