Sacramento, CA | When an early morning gas station robbery takes place, an unsuspecting newspaper delivery duo winds up saving the day.

Early Thursday morning, Jordan and George were delivering newspapers throughout Sacramento. As George entered the Arco gas station at 16th St. and W Street, the station attendant told George that they had just been robbed.

George and Jordan pursued the suspect in the SUV they were making deliveries in. When they caught up to the suspect and engaged him.

“Blows were exchanged and we held him down till the police arrived” George stated.

When officers arrived, the suspect was taken into custody. During the robbery, the suspect appeared to have a gun hidden under his shirt. It was later determined that the suspect was only simulating holding a gun.

When asked if he was concerned that the suspect might have a gun or the suspect shooting him, Jordan stated “…of course it runs through your mind, but, ya know, ya gotta save the day some how.”

Jordan tells the story

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