Sacramento, CA | Officers receive report of Asian male with a weapon. When subject is contacted he flees and a neighborhood search ensues.

An Asian male was apprehended Monday afternoon after apparently brandishing a revolver amongst juvenile(s) walking home from school in Oak Park.

“Just after 3 o’clock this afternoon, officers received information of a possibly armed subject in the area of MLK and Broadway. They located the subject that matched the description and when they went to contact the subject he fled on foot. While he was running, officers observed him dump a large-caliber hand gun….” Sergeant Lange of the Sacramento Police Department stated.

A perimeter was set up around the neighborhood and a search commenced with K9 units going house to house checking backyards.

One resident coming home from work who lives on 38th Street stated “They just told us we can’t go through…. I’ll wait patiently just to be safe.”

Officers with K9’s searched all the back yards on 38th Street between 9th and 12th Avenues, 12th Avenue homes on the North side of the street from 38th Street up to Martin Luther King Blvd. (MLK), then the homes on the west side of MLK from 12th Avenue just about to 10th Ave.

Just as officers were about to discontinue the search, an officer spotted the bleached headed male scampering across an open field and hunkering down next to a tree, low to the ground amongst the high grass. Police cars and officers on foot converged on the location hunted down as he made his way into a backyard off of 9th Avenue where he was apprehended.

Join a K9 unit as they search house to house

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