Citrus Heights, CA | In a real “who done it” CHPD investigates an early Wednesday morning shooting in a quiet neighborhood.

Citrus Heights Police spokesman, Citrus Heights Lt. Gary Handricks,  stated that at 3:55 am Wednesday morning, they received a call for shots fired at a residence in the 5900 block of Merlindale Drive. Handricks explained that officers entered the home and “discovered a deceased male in the bedroom and a female suffering from a gunshot wound in the leg”.

The cause of the shooting is under investigation; “it does not appear to be domestic violence” Handricks stated.

Neighbors indicated that the woman was pregnant and possibly the estranged significant other of the decedent. A neighbor stated that the daughter of the injured woman mows his lawns and that he was surprised to see the decedents truck in the driveway. The neighbor stated with astonishment, “he’s back?”.

Hendricks indicated that from his vantage point he did not see any signs of forced entry, but that was under investigation as well. Hendricks stated that it was the female victim that made the call to 911. He further stated that there were two other occupants in the home that were taken to Citrus Heights Police station for questioning and a weapon had yet to be recovered.

Hendricks stated that neighbors are “very very safe; this is a safe neighborhood”, and that “we have no reason to believe that neighbors should feel unsafe.”

Citrus Heights Lt. Gary Handricks said they think two other people were inside the home at the time of the shooting.

The motive for the shooting was unknown and under investigation. There was an unofficial report that on scene officers wanted to be sure a GSR kit got to the hospital to check the injured woman for gunshot residue.

UPDATE: The deceased man has been identified as Skin Head leader David Lynch,

Hear CHPD give their account of this incident

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