Sacramento, CA | Rescue boats head out into the darkness in the Cosumnes River Preserve to recover a body.

Early Sunday evening, law enforcement and rescuers were called to the Cosumnes River Preserve by canoers who discovered a body up in the trees approximately a mile up river from the visitors center.

Darkness fell as rescuers prepped and launched boats to go in for the body recovery complicating efforts. The body was reached by rescuers around 8:10 PM. Per radio reports, the body is located up in the trees some distance off the water and the victims hands are bound behind the back. Rescuers further stated that a tree would have to be climbed for the victim to be cut down.

Sacramento Sheriff department and Cosumnes Fire Department staff are presently regrouping and coming up with a plan to safely recover the body. Efforts may be terminated for the evening and continued at daylight Monday morning.

See video from this incident

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