Sacramento, CA | A midtown man attempts to hop wrought iron fence, slips and impales his leg on spike.

A midtown couple heard a man yelling in the P/Q ally way off 18th Street in midtown. When they looked out the window, they saw a man hung up on the fence. Keith Helzer stated that he went down to help the man, then realized the man had a spike through his leg and called police.

When police and fire units arrived, they stabilized the man and cut a large portion of the fence out and transported him to the hospital with that portion of the fence still attached to him.

Sargent Farnsworth from Sacramento Police department stated that the man did smell of alcohol. Per Farnsworth, the man was a resident of the apartment complex and slipped from the dew on the fence when he attempted to jump over, causing him to land on the spikes atop the fence.

In their radio report to the hospital, paramedics stated that it appeared the only injury the man had was the fence impaled in his leg.

Visit the scene as firefighter/paramedics rescue a man impaled on a fence

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