Sacramento, CA | Over 40 “sideshow” exhibitionists get busted as officers swoop in and cancel the show.

Per SacPD, for several weeks business owners, in the industrial business area off Florin Perkins Rd and 23rd Ave, have been complaining about reckless driving in the area over night and damaged property.

After reviewing surveillance video footage from several of the businesses, authorities discovered that a large group of young people converge on the area every Friday night to participate in “sideshow” activities.

SacPD officers stated that it’s just pure dangerous and reckless driving. Drivers will execute “drifting” maneuvers, burnouts, drive across lawns and damage property.

This Friday night/Saturday morning, officers staged just outside the area as a helicopter surveilled the area from a high altitude and advised officers on the ground when to pounce.

After a large amount of cars entered the area and began engaging in burnouts, drifting and other dangerous activities, a large contingency of officers converged on the area blocking the streets and trapping the participants in.

Per SacPD, at least one person was arrested, several vehicles were towed and many more were cited and released. Under aged minors in the group were cited for curfew infractions and their parents were called by officers and made to come out to the location and pick their kids up.

Officers have been trying to make this bust for weeks, but have not had the resources to do it. Tonight they were able to allocate enough officers to net the offenders. An officer stated, this is just plain dangerous and no matter what these kids see on TV, this activity is not safe and should not be engaged in. Fortunately, no one was injured during this activity Friday night, however, a lawn was torn up and property damage sustained.

See some video clips from this incident

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