Sacramento, CA | Downtown police on patrol catch a suspicious subject to find out he burglarized a local wireless phone store.

Late Monday night, downtown officers spotted a man running with a purse in his hand and a mask pulled part way over his face. Officers gave chase, the subject dropped the purse he was carrying and he was captured a couple of blocks away on the corner of L St. and 4th St.

When police checked the purse, they discovered 25 stolen phones from J Street Wireless at 727 J St next to Atlantis Bail Bonds. The subject was transported to the hospital via paramedics with cuts on his lower legs, apparently sustained during the break in.

Owners of the store refused to comment and were actually upset that media members were covering the story. When we explained that this is a “news event” and the story is about our police doing their job, catching the bad guy and protecting their business, the owners were even less cooperative. We advised them from a journalistic perspective it made us curious what they were hiding. Most store owners would welcome the free publicity and would be eager to support the police department that just captured their burglar and recovered all their stolen property.

Keep an eye out for future articles regarding this business location.

Hear from the SacPD on scene Sergent and see scenes from this incident:

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