Sacramento (Foothill Farms), CA | Residence awaken to flooding home early Monday morning.

Imagine awaking early in the morning with several inches of water flooding your home. That is exactly what the residents of one home awakened to Monday morning due to a broken water in front of their home. Two other unoccupied homes were also effected and a nearby care home was threatened.

When firefighters arrived, they found water belching from underground in the 4800 block of Orange Grove Ave in the Foothill Farms area of Sacramento.

Firefighters were not able to readily access water main shut-offs in the area and called out county road officials. On scene officials were concerned that the water pouring out from under the road may have been causing a sink hole situation and cleared fire apparatus from the immediate area.

The on scene Sacramento Metro Fire Chief advised that the road would have to be dug up and that Orange Grove Ave could be shut down for an extended time. This may impact students traveling to American River College Monday morning as the college is directly down the street from the impacted area.

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