Sacramento, CA | Two people are ejected, early Wednesday morning, when a semi-truck slams into a disabled SUV on North Bound Hwy 99 just north of 47th Ave.

Per California Highway Patrol, early Wednesday morning, a SUV broke down in the number four land of north bound highway 99, just north of the 47th Ave. exit.

A Safeway semi-truck slammed into the disabled SUV ejecting two of three occupants. All three of the SUV occupants were transported to the hospital via paramedics with moderate injuries. The driver of the truck was uninjured per CHP.

CHP reminds us that if you are broke down on the highway and it is not safe to exit the vehicle, remain in the vehicle seatbelted in. If it is safe to exit the vehicle, do so and get to a safe area away from the vehicle and call for help. Do what ever you can to make the vehicle more visible, such as using flashers and/or flares.

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