Sacramento [Oak Park], CA | The City of Sacramento halted efforts to mount Old Soul Co. sign Thursday morning.

New Old Soul Co. sign was hand crafted by local sign maker.

The building at 35th and Broadway is a historical building and though the old Starbucks sign was in the same location, the city won’t allow the sign installers to drill new holes in the historic bricks nor is the sign allowed to have any exposed electrical cable. Furthermore, the city wants the sign above the horizontal band of bricks which puts the sign at the level of the 2nd floor apartments rather than the store level where the previous Starbucks sign was located.

Patrons are upset at the “unnecessary┬áhoop jumping” the city is imposing. They pointed out that the well crafted and beautiful sign is a welcome sight over the boarded up building across the street at 3501 Broadway and other “eyesores” in the area. Alpha Signs did the much larger and elaborate sign installation at Guild Theater next door without issue a few years ago. A spokesman for Alpha Signs is hopeful that things will be ironed out shortly and is optimistic that they will be able to install the sign sometime next week.

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